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A good outdoor, dining set is both practical and distinctive. These sets are made from reinforced concrete designed to

last for many years, they can withstand all weather types and it only takes a wipe-down with water to leave them like new again.


Further information:

Choose from different sizes and shapes: square, circular, oval, rectangular.

To suit all tastes, there is a wide colour choice in addition to various textures and finishes: tiles, polishes, floral designs plsu details such as holes for parasols.

Reinforced concrete. Tiles are frost resistant.

For Cubic collection, choose your colour from amongst the 200 tones available on the RAL chart, and we´ll make it up for you. Don´t forget to mix and match our tile range.

Chocoflan/Lin/Flop : Set of 4 wheels are available for stools and table. This allows for easy-moving over smooth surfaces. There is the possibility of incorporating a chess board in any table. Option "jaquemate" 64* 4cm squares (laid out in an 8x8 formation).

ONLY version : Would you like to see what your dining set would look like with a tile-finished table ? Well, in this section, we present you some examples. I you can´t find yours, please remember that this option is available on all dining tables in the Classic collection.

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